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Sushant A.

Tekkon Team Profile
Sushant A.
Senior Software Engineer

Passionate and self-motivated Software Engineer with almost 5 years of experience in the end-to-end development lifecycle, specializing in designing, implementing, integrating, testing, and supporting impactful applications. Proficient in React, Angular, Node, Express, Graphql, Postgres, AWS, Javascript, and Typescript. Holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, demonstrating a strong engineering background. Committed to building innovative solutions and contributing expertise to software development projects.

Work Experience
Tekkon Technologies: Real Estate Management Application
[ Apr 2023 – Present ]
Software Engineer
  • Used MUI library to implement the required responsive designs and optimized the code for efficient performance.
  • Used postgres database along with graphql for efficient data quering.
  • Leveraged TypeORM for seamless interaction with PostgreSQL database.
  • Developed logic both in frontend and backend to achieve the requirements
  • Deployed the application in AWS using various technologies such as Beanstalk and Lambda
  • Involved in code review and refactoring to improve it
  • Technologies: React, Node, Express, Graphql, Postgres, TypeORM, AWS, Javascript, Typescript, MUI
Tekkon Technologies – Research Facilitation Application
[ Feb 2021 – Feb 2022 ]
Software Engineer
  • Implemented the frontend of the application in React based on the requirements provided and the Figma design provided.
  • Implemented custom react components as required for various use cases in the project.
  • Worked on the backend to implement new API endpoints as required and implemented new database models when required.
  • Debugged and fixed various bugs both in the frontend and backend.
  • Reviewed the code from the teammates and provided suggestions for code quality improvement.
  • Helped teammates with the tasks at hand when required.
  • Worked in AWS to implement the various infrastructures using elastic beanstalk and Fargate services through the CDK with guidance from a senior teammate.
  • Worked on performance improvements of the app using infrastructures and services like queues for larger task processing.
Logicpress LLC
[ Mar 2020 – Jan 2021 ]
Software Engineer
  • Worked on a freelance project to develop the frontend for a document automation web application.
  • Used ReactJS, CSS3 along with react libraries to achieve the UI requirements while interacting with the exposed APIs from the backend.
  • Active communication with clients on a daily basis.
KPIT Technologies
[ Oct 2017 – Jan 2020 ]
Software Engineer
  • Developed a sales management web portal for Japanese customer using Angular 8, Bootstrap, CSS3, Flexbox and third-party libraries to implement various requirements while interacting with the APIs exposed from the backend.
  • Worked in the capacity of frontend engineer to design and develop a project management web portal for KPIT using ReactJS, Bootsrap, CSS3, Flexbox and third-party libraries while interacting with the APIs exposed from the backend.
  • Worked in the capacity of a frontend engineer to implement the UI of infotainment systems in vehicles for Japanese and European customers using client-specific tool chain and technologies.
  • Handled some scripting tasks while implementing the UI in order to achieve some specific requirements.
  • Worked with Hadoop Ecosystem and validated large datasets using map reduce framework in python.
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, India
[ 2013 – 2017 ]
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
Technical Skills
CSS Grid
Soft Skills
Team Player
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