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Sannish S.

Tekkon Team Profile
Sannish S.
Senior UI/UX Designer

Dedicated design and user experience professional passionate about staying up to date on cutting-edge trends and technologies. Adept at employing a strategic approach that begins with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current position and desired goals. Leveraging a proven methodology, I collaborate closely with clients to deliver optimal outcomes by applying my skills, guidance, and extensive experience. Creating pixel-perfect designs with excellent user experience since 2015. 

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Tekkon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
[ Jan 2022 – Present ]
UI/UX Designer

Tekkon Technologies: Crypto Trading Application 

  • Developed mockups for mobile app.
  • Developed mockups for the Website and web app.

Tekkon Technologies: Fintech Website

  • Created an interactive pie chart like interface with zoom, pan, and move in reactjs.

Tekkon Technologies: Band Management Application

  • Developed mockup designs for the application.
  • Established the project in ReactJS.
  • Implemented authentication, routing, and data population in ReactJS.

Tekkon Technologies: Message Control System

  • Created the flow diagram for the recipient, sender, and super admin.
  • Also wrote the user journeys for each task.
  • Created the mockups and different pages.
  • Slicing the mockups in ReactJS.

Tekkon Technologies: Money Lending Application

  • Developed comprehensive wireframes for both lender and borrower interfaces to outline the structure and layout of the application.
  • Generated visually engaging mockups for various user flows, ensuring alignment with design and functionality requirements.
  • Conducted detailed prototyping using the Protopie app to simulate interactive experiences, allowing for thorough testing and refinement of design concepts.
  • Designed and built a website using Webflow, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing online presence that aligns with project objectives and user expectations.

Tekkon Technologies: Transferring Money Application

  • Created the whole flow diagram for the money transfer app.
  • Developed mockups according to the specified requirements.

Tekkon Technologies: Fitness and Analytics-Based Application

  • Designed visually engaging and user-friendly interfaces for a fitness application.
  • Created detailed mockups that illustrate the user journey for tracking workouts, setting fitness goals, and accessing analytics and progress reports.

Tekkon Technologies: Fintech Application

  • Developed user interfaces that instill trust and confidence in users for a fintech application.
  • Designed mockups highlighting features such as account management, transaction tracking, and financial analytics.

Tekkon Technologies: Pressure Measuring and Reporting Application

  • Crafted user interfaces for a pressure measuring and reporting application that prioritizes accuracy and ease of use.
  • Designed detailed mockups illustrating the process of capturing and reporting pressure measurements.

Tekkon Technologies: Reporting Application

  • Designed mockups for the missing and new pages.
  • Created a style guide for the app and made the whole app consistent according to the style guide created.

Tekkon Technologies: Health Status Recording and Reporting Application

  • Enhanced user-centricity by modifying the existing flow.
  • Developed web app mockups for the administrative interface.
  • Incorporated absent screens into the mobile app design.

Tekkon Technologies: Job Portal Application

  • Developed user flows for Login/Register, Job Search, and Create Job functionalities.
  • Implemented UI fixes and provided recommendations for enhancing overall user experience.

Tekkon Technologies: Service Provider and Networking Application

  • Designed flow diagrams for Businesses, Users, and Organizations.
  • Developed corresponding mockups for the aforementioned entities.
Tekkon Technologies – Project Management App
[ Oct 2021 – Dec 2021 ]
UI/UX Designer
  • Creating tickets dialog similar to that of ‘Click Up’
  • Added Tabs section to differentiate between activity and comments and Profile Avatar.
  • Enhanced the visual appeal of the Kanban Board by refining ticket cards and boards.
  • Incorporated an accordion feature in the comments listing.
  • Included assignee, status, and priority options in the tickets and tasks dialogue.
  • Performed adjustments and design enhancements in the Owners/COO platform.
  • Ensured UI responsiveness by scaling according to device size.
  • Aligned the structure and designs of the Complexes section with those of the tickets page.
  • Developed a tabular permission page for user access control.
  • Ensured consistency in the design of all forms across the app and dashboard views.
  • Implemented email templates for various functions such as Verify, Reset Password, and Welcome.
  • Refined the overall UI of the app for a cleaner appearance.
  • Added a dropdown feature for recurring tickets.
  • Enhanced interactivity in the ticket board.
Tekkon Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
[ Oct 2019 – Sep 2021 ]
UI/UX Designer

Tekkon Technologies: Kids Social Media Education Solution Application

  • Created intuitive and child-friendly user interfaces for the social media education solution.
  • Developed engaging and visually appealing mockups that prioritize a safe and educational online environment for children.

Tekkon Technologies: Event Management Application

  • Designed user interfaces that enhance the user experience for event organizers and attendees.
  • Developed detailed mockups to showcase the flow and interaction of features related to event planning, registration, and management.

Tekkon Technologies: Service Management Application

  • Crafted user interfaces that streamline service management processes for businesses.
  • Created mockups emphasizing a user-friendly experience for service technicians, administrators, and clients involved in service transactions.

Tekkon Technologies:  Navigation Application for Ships, Boats, and Jets

  • Designed a navigation interface that prioritizes safety and efficiency for maritime and aerial navigation.
  • Developed mockups that consider the unique challenges of navigation, ensuring clear and effective user interactions.

Tekkon Technologies: Sports Management Application

  • Created visually appealing interfaces for sports enthusiasts, coaches, and administrators.
  • Developed mockups that illustrate the user journey for managing sports events, teams, and participant information.

Tekkon Technologies: Transport and Delivery Management System

  • Designed user interfaces that optimize the logistics and delivery process for transport companies.
  • Developed detailed mockups to showcase features related to route planning, shipment tracking, and driver communication.

Tekkon Technologies: Integrated Management Interface Application

  • Crafted a comprehensive and cohesive management interface for aviation operations.
  • Developed mockups that facilitate efficient communication and coordination among various components of the aerospace industry.

Tekkon Technologies: Driver Management Application

  • Designed an intuitive interface for drivers to manage their assignments, schedules, and vehicle information.
  • Created mockups that prioritize ease of use and quick access to essential driver-related functionalities.

Tekkon Technologies: Lease Management Application

  • Developed user interfaces that simplify the process of managing leases for property owners and tenants.
  • Designed mockups that showcase the lease tracking, document management, and communication features of the application.

Tekkon Technologies:  Meditation and Relationship Building Application

  • Crafted calming and user-friendly interfaces for a meditation and relationship-building app.
  • Developed mockups that emphasize simplicity and guide users through meditation sessions and relationship-building activities.

Tekkon Technologies: Myopia Eye Testing Application

  • Designed interfaces for an eye-testing application that focuses on accuracy and user comfort.
  • Developed detailed mockups to illustrate the step-by-step process of conducting myopia eye tests.

Tekkon Technologies: Pet Health Monitoring Application

  • Created user interfaces that cater to the needs of pet owners and veterinarians.
  • Developed mockups highlighting features related to animal health tracking, appointment scheduling, and medical records management.
New IT Ventures Pvt.Ltd.
[ Aug 2017 – Sep 2019 ]
UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer
  • Nettv Webapp (Angular)
  • WorldTVGo Webapp (Angular) https://worldtvgo.com/
  • World on Demand https://worldondemand.net/
  • PrabhuTV WebApp (Angular) https://web.prabhutv.com.np/
  • TV Apps for LG, Palsonic, STB
Outsourcing IT Company
[ May 2015 – May 2017 ]
UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer
  • RestroOrder App
  • Sageframe and WordPress sites
National College of Engineering, Tribhuwan University, Nepal.
[ 2010 – 2014 ]
Bachelors in Computer Technology
Technical Skills
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Soft Skills
Communication skills
Team Player
Organizational skills
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