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Ronish S.

Tekkon Team Profile
Ronish S.
Senior Software Engineer (FullStack)

Results-oriented Fullstack Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in the computer software industry. Proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions by adeptly navigating and resolving complex challenges. Specialized in PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, React Native, Agile Methodologies, and various databases (MySQL, MongoDB). A quick learner committed to continuous personal growth, I bring reliability, a strong work ethic, and self-motivation to the table. Thrives in collaborative team environments, excelling under pressure with minimal supervision. 

Work Experience
Tekkon Technologies: Real Estate Management Application
[ Jan 2023 – Present ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Implemented GraphQL for efficient data querying.
  • Utilized React for building responsive and interactive user interfaces.
  • Integrated real-time updates with subscriptions using GraphQL.
  • Developed server-side logic with Node.js and Express.
  • Leveraged TypeORM for seamless interaction with PostgreSQL database.
  • Deployed and managed applications on AWS, utilizing services like Lambda and ElasticBeanStalk.
  • Utilized Material-UI (MUI) for consistent and aesthetically pleasing UI designs.
  • Technologies: React, Node, Express, Graphql, Postgres, TypeORM, AWS, Javascript, Typescript, MUI 
Tekkon Technologies: Research Facilitation Application
[ Dec 2021 – Dec 2022 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Executed the translation of UI Designs into functional components using React.
  • Integrated ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) into the system.
  • Collaborated on the seamless integration of Elastic Search for enhanced functionality.
  • Managed the generation of reports within the system.
  • Contributed to performance optimization initiatives and implemented UI improvements for an enhanced user experience.
  • Technologies: React, Node, Express, TypeScript, MySQL, Sequelize, Elastic Search, Kibana, AWS (Lambda, ElasticBeanStalk, S3)
Tekkon Technologies: Asset and Equipment Management Application
[ Sept 2021 – Nov 2021 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Executed the implementation of UI designs using TypeScript.
  • Enhanced and extended the API for improved functionality.
  • Collaborated closely with the team to meet project deadlines.
  • Ensured proper optimization of software models, maintaining performance and design consistency.
Tekkon Technologies: Delivery Management Application
[ Mar 2021- Aug 2021 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Conducted comprehensive diagnosis of application performance, identifying and addressing loopholes and bottlenecks.
  • Developed and implemented unit tests and mocks using Jest to guarantee the seamless functionality of the application.
  • Implemented enhancements and optimizations to elevate the overall performance of the application.
  • Spearheaded the design and construction of reusable and functional components within the React.js framework.
Tekkon Technologies: Sports Players Management Application
[ Dec 2019 – Feb 2021 ]
Full Stack Developer

App : 

  • Developed flawless and seamlessly responsive user interfaces for optimal performance on both mobile platforms.
  • Utilized native APIs to establish robust integrations with each platform, ensuring a deep and seamless user experience.
  • Identified and resolved bugs and performance bottlenecks to achieve a native-like performance standard.
  • Upholded code integrity and quality through diligent maintenance efforts.
  • Facilitated the transition of existing React web applications to React Native for cross-platform compatibility.
  • Successfully developed and deployed an iOS application using React Native, demonstrating proficiency in the framework.


  • Utilized AWS services such as EC2, Beanstalk, S3, SES, and LightSail in the development and maintenance of cloud-based solutions.
  • Integrated payment functionalities using Stripe and Cashier to ensure seamless and secure transactions.
  • Engaged in the redesign of user interfaces (UI) for a refreshed and modernized appearance.
  • Implemented PDF conversion integrations to enhance document handling capabilities.
  • Developed and implemented performance charts and analytics tools to monitor and optimize platform efficiency.
  • Worked on the implementation of Access Control mechanisms for secure user authorization.
  • Worked on optimization of the overall platform. 
DiGiiHawk IT Solutions
[ Jan 2018 – Nov 2019 ]
Software Engineer
  • Executed the integration of UI designs into PHP applications.
  • Enhanced and expanded PHP-based APIs, specifically within the Laravel framework.
  • Offered guidance and mentorship to junior team members, fostering their professional development.
  • Functioned as a team lead for software development projects, overseeing the team’s adherence to deadlines.
  • Ensured optimization of software models, maintaining a high standard of performance and design consistency.
Core Dreams
[ Aug 2017 – Dec 2017 ]
Web Developer
  • Worked collaboratively in teams.
  • Reviewed existing software systems and proposed changes and improvements.
  • Ensured that all project specifications were upheld during and after the development process.
  • Designed and implemented moderately complex software solutions using an array of languages.
Shades & Shadows
[ Jun 2016 – Jul 2017 ]
Web Developer
  • Acquired proficiency in agile methodologies for project management.
  • Oversaw the maintenance and optimization of pre-existing websites.
  • Implemented software design frameworks to enhance development processes.
  • Designed and developed user-friendly websites, prioritizing a seamless user experience.
  • Utilized PHP and Laravel as primary components of the technology stack.
Apex College, PU, Nepal.
[ 2013 – 2017 ]
Bachelor’s in Computer Information (BCIS)
Technical Skills
React Native
Soft Skills
Fast Learner
Problem Solver
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