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Rahul P.

Tekkon Team Profile
Rahul P.
Backend AI Developer

Software developer with prior knowledge of design and development. Techniques to solve problems and offer quality solutions with the delivery of skills and expertise. Creating new things with people is one of the things that brings me joy every day. Proficient in a variety of languages and frameworks, including Machine Learning Algorithms, Python, Flask, Javascript, OpenCV, MongoDB, etc. Skilled Software Engineer with Bachelor’s Degree focused on Computer Science.  

Machine learning
Work Experience
Tekkon Technologies: Visa Management System
[ May 2023 – Present ]
Backend Engineer
  • Worked extensively with Airtable, a cloud-based collaborative database tool including creating and managing databases, designing data models, and using Airtable’s API to integrate it with other applications.
  • Worked on Documint, an autonomous files creator.
  • Had hands-on experience with Selenium, a widely-used testing framework for web applications. Also used Selenium for automated testing, creating test scripts, and performed browser automation tasks to ensure the quality and functionality of web applications.
  • Utilized Beautiful Soup to extract data from websites, manipulated the obtained data, and integrated it into various applications.
  • Worked on leveraged Scrapy to develop scalable and efficient web scraping solutions, handling complex scraping scenarios, and extracting structured data from websites.
  • Utilized Flask to build web applications, RESTful APIs, and backend services. Worked with routing, handling HTTP requests, and integrating Flask with databases.
  • Had extensive experience working with Python and used Python for a wide range of tasks, including data manipulation, automation, web development, and building machine learning models.
  • Used JavaScript to implement interactive features on Airtable.
  • Designed and implemented RestAPIs to enable communication between different systems and applications.
  • Technologies: Deep Neural Network, OpenCV, YOLO, cuda, Gstreamer
Tekkon Technologies: Sport Tracking System
[ Feb 2023 – Mar 2023 ]
Backend AI Engineer
  • Hands-on opportunity to work as a backend AI Engineer with experience designing and developing backend systems for AI-powered applications. 
  • Collaborated closely with international clients and international teams to provide reliable AI models into backend infrastructure.
  • Understanding data storage solutions and AI machine learning concepts to write well-documented code. – technologies — OpenCV — Gstreamer — Video Processing
  • Skills: Machine Learning · Python (Programming Language) · Deep Learning · Computer Vision · Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Eydean Inc.
[ Aug 2021 – Jan 2023 ]
Machine Learning Engineer/ Backend Developer
  • LSTM, SARIMA, and ARIMA models were used to estimate revenue with 88% accuracy rate for organizations that had recently been incorporated.
  • Built a chatbot for 2 different clients from different domains and ideologies.
  • Constructed a data pipeline using the ELK stack, and displayed sales that have increased productivity by 90% for a corporate business.
  • Developed a recommendation system for 1000’s of users utilizing a content-based filtering approach– Ramailogames.
  • Worked on numerous projects as a backend developer using FLASK for a community-based platform — bookmark, food-busters handling hundreds of users.
  • Utilized folium, networks, and osmnx to work on open-source modules to optimize the shortest path finding by 50%.
  • Got the hands-on opportunity to learn for 4 months and work with, DOCKER, NGINX, and various cloud services such as AWS.
  • Skills: Machine Learning · Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) · Python (Programming Language) · Deep Learning · Natural Language Processing (NLP) · SQL · Data Warehousing · Data Engineering · TensorFlow
Community Leader (Part-time)
[ Aug 2019 – Feb 2022 ]
AI Learners Community – A Devcorp Organization
  • Served as a coordinator of many events for graduates of 4 different sister companies.
  • Curated a week-long workshop related to AI with a mass audience of 450 people.
  • Operated in the R&D department to create 2 major web-based AI projects for the AI Expo 2021 event with a team of 7 people
Herald College, University of Wolverhampton
[ 2019 – 2022 ]
Bachelors in Computer Science
Technical Skills
Machine Learning
Data Science
Soft Skills
Team Player
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