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Pratik L.

Tekkon Team Profile
Pratik L.
Software Engineer (GoLang)

An experienced Backend Developer with nearly three years of expertise in Python and Golang, working in the computer software industry. Excellent coding and problem-solving skills with the ability to work as Developer. Engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus.

Django REST Framework
Work Experience
Tekkon Technologies: Mining-focused Software Platform
[ Feb 2023 – Present ]
Software Engineer (GoLang)
  • Worked on building, testing, monitoring, and deploying a document data ingestion system for mining company announcement data.
  • Built the scraping system in Golang, using Chromium driver, the Colly scraping framework, and goquery.
  • Debugged free Text Searching feature in the project using Elasticsearch and Python.
  • Wrote a document classifier that extracts text data from scraped pdf documents and classifies them into distinct categories using Machine Learning. 
  • Performed research, training, and performance evaluation on the machine learning model that performs document classification.
  • Configured some cloud infrastructure – AWS lambda functions, cloudwatch logging mechanism, and elasticsearch kibanas for deploying the scraping system.
Ensemble Matrix Pvt. Ltd.
[ Nov 2021 – Jan 2023 ]
Automation Engineer
  • Led the engineering team of a cheque-clearing automation product.
  • Implemented web scraping and automation algorithms in beautifulsoup and selenium that cut processing time per cheque by 70%.
  • Optimized the image preprocessing pipeline for a signature verification model that achieved a matching accuracy of 96% on real-life data.
  • Implemented an ensemble feature matching algorithm that achieved an accuracy of 98% in matching logos and stamps.
  • Led the migration of the project to microservice architecture using docker.
  • Wrote core backend logic for the system’s REST API in Django.
Deerwalk Inc.
[ May 2021 – Oct 2021 ]
Associate Data Engineer
  • Involved in the ETL pipeline and Data Analysis of US Healthcare data.
  • Extracted raw data files placed by vendors in S3 buckets using SQL and MS Excel.
  • Standardized data to the warehouse standard fields by analyzing it using SQL and performing required transformation using an in-house transformation software.
  • Onboarded standardized data to Amazon Redshift data warehouse.
  • Performed research on data using SQL to make sure the product aggregates aligned with the client’s reporting.
  • Performed exploratory research on data using python – pandas, and numpy to derive insights from data.
  • Prepared reports on the insights gained from research to clients (various US data vendors).
  • Presented key insights in the form of visualizations made through matplotlib to clients.
Ingrails Pvt. Ltd. | Veda App
[ Apr 2020 – Nov 2020 ]
  • Performed a range of development and documentation tasks.
  • Wrote automation scripts and backend code in python, and prepared visualizations from marketing data in matplotlib.
  • Wrote technical documentation for the core backend logic.
[ Sep 2019 – Mar 2020 ]
Project Manager
  • LOCUS is a non-profit that organizes Nepal’s largest student-led tech exhibition, visited by over 20 thousand people.
  • Managed mentors and resources for 82 projects present in the LOCUS exhibition.
  • Educated the participants on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collaborating with various United Nations agencies in the process.
  • Performed Quality Assurance, ensuring the projects worked on achieving SDGs.
IOE, Pulchowk Campus
[ 2016 – 2021 ]
Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Technical Skills
Go (Programming Language)
Beautiful Soup
Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3
Machine Learning
Data Science
Soft Skills
Team Player
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