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Prabesh B.

Tekkon Team Profile
Prabesh B.
Senior Software Engineer (FullStack)

Experienced Software Engineer with a proven track record of over 6 years in the information technology and services sector. Proficient in Front-end Development (Angular), Node, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nativescript, Bootstrap, MongoDB, as well as PHP and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Possesses a solid academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Advanced College of Engineering and Management.

Native Script
Work Experiences
Tekkon Technologies: National Funding Management Application
[ Sep 2023 – Present ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Developed a logger module to capture user activity and persist relevant details in a database.
  • Implemented an email notifications module utilizing AWS SES, including the design of email templates.
  • Converted existing Python code to Node.js and facilitated deployment on AWS Lambda.
  • Executed Swagger implementation, addressed bugs, and implemented enhancements to optimize system functionality.
  • Stack: NestJS, AWS SES, AWS Lambda
Tekkon Technologies: Health Care Management Application
[ Jun 2023 – Aug 2023 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Developed new RESTful APIs for generating reports and addressed bugs in existing APIs.
  • Designed and implemented a PDF generation solution using third-party tools.
  • Stack: PostgreSQL, NestJs, NodeJs.
Tekkon Technologies – Research Facilitation Application
[ May 2022 – Sep 2022 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Engaged in integrating with REST APIs.
  • Translated Figma design into responsive and user-friendly HTML/CSS (React), contributing to an optimized user interface.
  • Technologies: Node, React, Sequelize.
Tekkon Technologies – Water Management Application
[ Jan 2020 – Apr 2022 ]
Full Stack/DevOps
  • Developed app integration with REST and other APIs for Google Maps, payment processors, and other services.
  • Effectively oversaw multiple databases and reporting tools.
  • Technologies: Node, Angular, AWS (Route53, CloudFront, CodePipeline, S3, ElasticBeankStalk) 
Tekkon Technologies – Loyalty Management Application
[ Jul 2019 – Dec 2019 ]
Mobile development
  • Revamped the design of a running app through reskinning.
  • Implemented continuous scrolling functionality.
  • Performed updates to the Angular version and associated packages as necessary.
  • Integrated features such as Google Maps, QR code scanner, and social media logins.
  • Technologies: NativeScript, Angular
Tekkon Technologies – Loan Payment Application
[ Mar 2018 – Jun 2019 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Managed the front-end functionality of websites, overseeing development and maintenance.
  • Contributed to API development, specifically focusing on file upload functionality and implementing PDF generation through third-party services.
  • Technologies: PHP, Angular 
My Life Mark
[ Apr 2017 – Feb 2018 ]
Full Stack Developer
  • Built RESTful APIs for large scale web and mobile applications
  • Designed UI mockups in HTML/CSS Bootstrap and integrated them to build beautiful single-page apps in Angular Js.
Tribhuwan University
[ 2012-2017 ]
Bachelor's in Computer Engineering
Technical Skills
Node Js
Native Script
Rest API
Soft Skills
Team Player
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