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Manish B

Tekkon Team Profile
Manish B
FullStack Developer

Passionate Software Engineer with ~4 years of experience working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pulchowk Engineering College. Currently, learning and working on Serverless Computing(Serverless Framework), AWS Services (Lambda, API Gateway, Route53, S3, SES, SQS, Step functions, etc.), Automated Testing(Jest/RTL), Microservices, Financial Services(Mortgage Industry).

Artificial Intelligence
Data Visualization
Machine learning
Tekkon Technologies- Document Scraper and Search Application
[ 2021 September – Present ]
Sr. Php/WordPress Developer
  • Build and Monitor website’s performance, identify and troubleshoot technical problems
  • Add features to existing software 
  • Migrate & develop old websites 
Home Loan Experts
[ 2020 Nov – 2021 October ]
Software Engineer
  • Working primarily on backend development of fintech products based on microservices architecture and serverless computing. Also, working on frontend apps for integration of backend services using ReactJS.
  • All products are unit tested using Jest on the backend and RTL on frontend during development and ensured the test coverage.
  • Working closely with different levels of people within organization like product owner, marketing, inside sales, etc. and cross-functional teams for better collaboration of reusable services.
  • Wrote technical documentation for most of the products for easier understanding of internal workings and architecture.
  • Actively involved and worked towards best practices and standard processes.
  • Collaborate with team members from initial phase of product development to final production release and maintenance to ensure all products are up and running.
  • Conduct research and development for new technology, processes, tools, performance optimization, workflow improvement and best practices before actual implementation.
  • Worked in scrum environment and actively involved in sprint planning, refinement and retros.
  • Conduct code reviews to identify possible bottlenecks, help maintain better integrity of products early on.
  • Technologies used: NodeJS, ReactJS, Serverless Framework, AWS Services (Lambda, SES, Cognito, SQS, Step functions), MongoDB, Yarn Workspaces, Lerna, Typescript, etc.
[ 2019-Present ]
FullStack Developer
  • Worked on multiple blockchain-based projects like NFT Marketplace, Diversified Decentralized ETF’s on BSC, Token Swap App, etc. Primarily involved in frontend integration of ethereum based smart contracts on BSC using web3.js, ReactJS, typescript, etc.
  • Worked on multiple projects ranging from financial money transfer (worldwide) application, healthcare, education to e-commerce applications, and many more. 
  • Worked on the robust architectural development of ReactJS Project from start to finish using react-redux, redux-saga, redux-form, functional components, Hooks like useEffect, and other necessary tools.
  • Technologies used : PHP(Laravel), JavaScript (ReactJS/VueJS), SQL(PgSQL), Ant Design, Laravel Custom Package Building, React Middleware(react-redux/react-saga), Redux Form, React Hooks, web3.js, Typescript, Solidity, Truffle, etc.
[ 2018 – 2020 ]
Software Engineer
  • Full-time Remote Working experience with an added advantage of more focused time and productivity.
  • Added new feature support ( multi-headers to excel sheet) to existing data tables export plugins to meet client’s requirements.
  • Completely turned off Jaspersoft Studio to enable a custom reporting framework and transitioned all the major reports within the given fixed deadline.
  • Worked on Data Caching and its scheduling for customer-specific reports to reduce data load time to within 5 seconds for default filters.
  • Enabled multiple Database connections like Amazon Redshift, MySQL, etc using Factory Design Pattern in the Python Flask Environment.
  • Worked closely with team members to help understand the usage, development, and configuration of Reporting Framework for generating new reports and mentoring Junior developers for the same.
  • Provide support for issues fixing, maintenance, and enhancement of existing product.
[ 2017 – 2018 ]
Software Developer

Project: The Room Xchange, Australian Startup, is an online marketplace that connects people with a spare room with guests who are willing to Xchange their time for food and accommodation. 

  • Developed different back end RESTful APIs like login/signup with authentication and encryption; created, updated user-profiles and user roles, JWT Authentication, Active Campaign Integration(CRM)
  • Learned about git, docker, Linux, October cms, restful API from Udemy Course.
  • Implemented Messaging (chat) system using Pusher, Payment system using Stripe.
  • Implemented an Online verification system using DigitalID Integration.
  • Feature Development like Export to CSV, Amazon S3 Bucket Sync Integration.
  • Learned about React with Redux from Udemy Course.
  • Project Live at https://www.theroomxchange.com Technologies used: PHP(Laravel), JavaScript (ReactJS), SQL(MySQL)
Pulchowk Campus
[ 2013-2017 ]
Bachelor's degree, Electronics and Communication Engineering
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