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Madhusudan A.

Tekkon Team Profile
Madhusudan A.
Quality Analyst

A reliable software QA engineer who is always motivated to give a complete test automation solution to your business products comprising of the latest technology in the field. Not just a test scriptwriter but a complete Dev-Test-Ops. Professional with more than 5 years of experience in verifying final outcomes & ensuring bug-free products with outstanding knowledge about software development lifecycle and Agile Methodology. 

Manual Test
Work Experience
[ Jan 2020 – Present ]
Software Test Engineer

Been working with multiple companies mostly startups to provide them automated testing solutions.

[ Jan 2020 – Feb 2022 ]
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Write test cases and test plans in Confluence.
  • Worked on API testing with Postman.
  • Worked on end-to-end manual testing to ensure the system is bug-free.
  • Write automation test scripts with Mochajs and Selenium.
  • Perform automation testing with Cypress and Chaijs assertion library.
Tekkon Technologies
[ Jan 2019 – Dec 2019 ]
Automation Test Lead
  • Designing and building Testing Solutions for web products which include setting up test case reporting environments, preparation of test-case templates, setting up test script frameworks, setting up automation servers in the cloud, CI/CD implementation of test scripts, automated test report generation, and publishing.
  • Providing Consultation for newly established startup companies with web products that are new to the Testing phase in Agile SDLC.
  • Working with Tech Leads for design, implementation, and usage of multiple test environments for acceptance, functional regression, ad-hoc, and sanity testing.
  • Supervising junior test engineers and leading test automation practice.
  • Researching new technology in the field of test automation and its efficient implementation.
  • Client communication and marketing.
  • Specialization and Focus in JavaScript-based test automation tools but not limited to it
  • Used Tools and Techniques: Selenium, Test-Link, Jira, Drone CI, AWS EC2(Linux), Linux Shell Scripting, Mochawesome report generator, Mocha js, Chai js, Docker, Headless Chrome/Firefox Containers, AWS S3.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusamme
[ Jan 2018 – May 2018 ]
IT Consultant
  • Worked on Health Information System (DHIS 2).
  • Trained government health officials on efficient usage of Health Information System.
  • Conducted presentations on Analysis and usage of Health-related Data.
Bytes & Chips Software
[ Mar 2017 – May 2018 ]
Software Test Engineer
  • Worked in Agile Software Development Methodology(Scrum).
  • Prepared Test Plan/Test Cases and Test Procedures for Web Applications and Android-based Mobile Applications on the basis of application requirement and project duration.
  • Designed and Implemented various test environments for functional, regression, ad-hoc, and sanity testing.
  • Prepared efficient and reusable test data for acceptance, functional, regression, and ad-hoc testing.
  • Performed both manual and automated testing.
  • Bug Reporting and Tracking.
  • Wrote automated scripts in Selenium with C#.
  • Used Tools and Platforms: Jira, Selenium, C# with Visual Studio, TestLink, Linux Shell Scripting.
Seva Development
[ Jun 2016 – Feb 2017 ]
Associate Software Test Engineer
  • Analyzed application requirements and prepared test cases. test data and test procedures.
  • Prepared efficient and reusable test data.
  • Performed acceptance, functional, and regression testing.
  • Bug Reporting and Tracking.
  • Wrote automated scripts in Selenium with C#.
  • Used Tools and Platforms: Jira, Selenium, C# with Visual Studio, TestLink, Linux Shell Scripting.
Kathmandu University, Nepal
[ 2012 – 2016 ]
B.E. ( Bachelor in Computer Engineering)
Technical Skills
Manual test
Test Automation
Linux Shell Scripting.
Headless Chrome/Firefox Containers
AWS EC2(Linux)
Soft Skills
Communication Skills
(Verbal & written)
Leadership Skills
Analytical Skills
Wise Time Management
Organizational Skills
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