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Jayant C.

Tekkon Team Profile
Jayant C.
Software Engineer (FullStack)

Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in a variety of web applications and RESTful APIs. Experienced in working with various startup and enterprise-level organizations and also properly deploying and maintaining those applications. Proficient in building scalable web apps with an ability to lead overall tech areas of a project and team of developers.  

Java (core java)
Node Js
PHP (Core & Advanced)
Work Experience
Tekkon Technologies – Fintech App
[ Jun 2021 – Feb 2022 ]
Software Engineer (FullStack)
  • Used Lumen for API endpoints
  • Integrated Swagger for API Documentation
  • Integrated Passport for Authentication
  • Integrated Redis for Cache
  • Used Twilio for SMS messaging
  • Used AWS S3 for cloud storage i.e photos and videos
  • Used One Signal for Push Notifications for mobile applications
  • Integrated Split Cash for payment gateway and complete all the necessary process for a full lifecycle
Tekkon Technologies – Organizational Attendance Tracking App
[ Mar 2021 – May 2021 ]
Software Engineer (FullStack)
  • Developed both the backend and frontend of the app in an MVC pattern.
  • Major feature includes attendances, timesheets, invoicing, employee management and assignment management
  • Created Leave Management Module.
  • Configured notification query builder as per requirements
  • Enabled and Disabled Notification alert on a page basis.
  • Get notified on Model events like created, updated, deleted. Tracking is easy.`
  • . Worked on Resource Requests where employee can request any resources like Trainings, Certifications
  • Worked on Attendance Requests where employee can request for any attendances changes
  • Birthday alerts of employees`
Tekkon Technologies – Social networking/match making app
[ June 2020 – Feb 2021 ]
Software Engineer (FullStack)
  • Project initialize and creating data models 
  • Authentication setup i.e register, login, forget password, and reset password while managing roles & permission.
  • Authorization setup, ACL for different types of users for the application
  • Managing Users and take necessary actions as per. (Admin Part)
  • Integrated “myInterview” service to the application for conducting Video Interview Process for Dependable Friend User.
  • Integrated “Easy Generator” service to the application for conducting Onboarding and Training Courses for Dependable Friend User.
  • Integrated “Stripe” payment system in order to create Express Account for Dependable Friend User, Fund transfer, conduct different payments.
  • Integrated “Twilio” service to the application for SMS notification.
  • Integrated “Slack” service to the application for Slack notification for different channels.
  • Integrated “S3 Bucket” service for File uploads with required bucket permissions.
  • Integrated “Pusher” service to the application for internal Chat between users.
  • Integrated “Google Map” service for Location autocomplete.
  • Support services for Dependable friend users including Chat service.
  • Dynamic creating Interview Questions both manual and video used in myInterview platform.
  • Dynamic creating courses used in Easy Generator platform.
  • Adding different configuration fields used for payments and others.
  • Search Dependable Friend user with respect to radius and location coordinates.
  • Used Chartjs to display search statistics for Dependable friend users i.e daily, weekly and monthly.
Tekkon Technologies – Sports Players Club Management App
[ Dec 2019 – May 2020 ]
Software Engineer (FullStack)
  • Worked on AWS (ec2, beanstalk, s3, ses, security groups, LightSail)
  • Integrated payments using stripe and cashier
  • Worked on reskinning UI
  • Integrated pdf conversions
  • Worked on performance charts and analytics
  • Worked on Access Control
  • Worked on optimization of the overall platform.
An AI/ML focused IT Company
[ Jan 2019 – Nov 2019 ]
PHP/Laravel Developer
  • Lead the project and my team.
  • InstAgent is a web-based Platform for Institutions, Agencies and.InstAgent is a web-based Platform for Institutions, Agencies, and students developed and managed by ESign Tech Pty Ltd located in Australia.
  • Implemented SaaS-based Architecture (Multitenancy), multiple tenants with multiple databases.
  • Worked on all the Backend and Frontend Sections of the Project.
  • Projects: Ebdaa is a Dubai-based company dealing with cybersecurity. 
National Project's IT Firm
[ Mar 2017 – Dec 2018 ]
PHP Developer
  • Implemented new things as per Client’s Request and Requirement.
  • SEO-related works i.e. Handling Metatags, BreadCrumbs, Google Schema. Also getting those Golden Stars for every Business registered to Eooro.
  • Different Plans and Packages are available for various Countries. Handled all recurring payments-related work for both Paypal and Credit Card. Also, monitored on the Webhooks are working properly or not.
  • Integrated Social Media Posting i.e Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Here Business Owners can configure and post automatically as well as manually, the reviews collected on Eooro to their Social Media Accounts and Pages. Also, they could import the Facebook Reviews to their Eooro Reviews as well.
  • Carried out all API-related works which were needed for Mobile applications.
  • Made Various Website Widgets where Business owners can just copy and paste the codes to their website. Hence, all the Eooro reviews are visible to their websites.
  • Checked the website’s performance and speed and optimized the code as per.
  • Handled all the issues and bugs
Freelance Projects
[ Apr 2014 – Feb 2017 ]
Web & App Developer

Projects: 1. http://propertynepal.com/

2. http://www.webmartnepal.com/ 

Gautam Buddha Technical University, India
[ 2007 – 2011 ]
Bachelor in Engineering (Computer Science)
Technical Skills
C , C++
Java (core java)
PHP (Core & Advanced)
Laravel & Codeignitor
Node Js
Linux (Ubuntu)
Soft Skills
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Analytical Skills
Problem Solving
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