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Alin K.

Tekkon Team Profile
Alin K.
Mobile Developer

Experienced Mobile Developer with a deep passion for native iOS development, specializing in Swift for crafting robust and scalable iOS applications. Proficient in utilizing React Native for cross-platform app development, React.js for frontend, and Node.js for backend development. Skilled at designing responsive UI/UX interfaces and implementing RESTful APIs. Strong problem-solving abilities and a proven track record of collaborating effectively within agile teams to achieve project objectives. Familiar with SwiftUI and adept at leveraging newer technologies from the Apple ecosystem.

Work experience
Tekkon Technologies: Accounting, Payroll and HR Management System
[ Sep 2022 – Present ]
Fullstack Mobile Developer

Mobile Frontend

  • Led full maintenance and feature development of a roster app, focusing on user satisfaction and efficient collaboration.
  • Achieved significant reduction in load time through proactive package updates, enhancing app performance.
  • Proactively resolved issues, ensuring a remarkable bug resolution rate and optimal app functionality.
  • Demonstrated strong communication skills, providing regular client updates and addressing concerns promptly, fostering global client satisfaction.
  • Technologies: React Native, AppCenter, CodePush, Firebase, WebSocket, Node, Express, Graphql, Postgres, Sequelize, AWS, Javascript

Web and Backend 

  • Revived and stabilized an unmaintained codebase by addressing package updates and changes, and restoring application functionality.
  • Overhauled the Apollo GraphQL setup from scratch, configuring the latest version to enhance the backend infrastructure for improved performance and scalability.
  • Implemented new features, introducing robust error handling and validation mechanisms to enhance overall application reliability.
  • Incorporated new architecture changes in the front end, specifically with GraphQL, focusing on effective error case handling to ensure a smoother and more resilient user experience.
  • Technologies: React, Node, Express, Apollo Graphql, Postgres, Sequelize, AWS, Javascript
Freelance Projects
[ Apr 2022 – Jan 2023 ]
Mobile Developer (IOS/Swift)

EV Charging Station App

  • Developed an EV charging station finding application using SwiftUI, integrating native Apple Maps for location visualization and pinning charging stations.
  • Implemented detailed charging station information display, including status updates, with user-friendly navigation features.
  • Explored potential future functionalities such as booking capabilities to enhance user experience and convenience.
  • Utilized Swift programming language to ensure seamless performance and compatibility with iOS devices.

Mobile Wallet App – iOS Development

  • Ensured scalability and maintainability of the application through the implementation of MVVM architectural pattern.
  • Proficient in programmatic UI development with Swift’s Programmatic UIKit.
  • Optimized data retrieval and performance with URLSession-based custom generic networking layer.
  • Implemented advanced security via encrypted Keychain, safeguarding sensitive user information and authentication tokens.
  • Expertise in customizing UICollectionView and UITableView for precise UI and data presentation. Seamlessly integrated AVKit for QR code scanning using AVFoundation.

eLearning Video App – iOS Development

  • Skillfully combined SwiftUI for modern UI components and UIKit for intricate interactions, showcasing versatility in iOS development frameworks.
  • Integrated A VPlayerController for video playback, showcasing proficiency in A VKit and AVFoundation, and providing an immersive learning experience.
  • Designed a chatbot-like conversation screen, fostering user engagement and interactivity.
  • Elevated the UI/UX by integrating Lottie animations, demonstrating expertise in working with packages and enhancing user interaction.

ParkPin – Online Parking Booking Application – Full Stack Development

  • Led project initiation with comprehensive UML diagrams for clear system architecture.
  • Implemented Agile for flexible, adaptive planning throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Broke down the project into manageable sprints, enabling continuous delivery and rapid feedback loops.
Islington College
[ 2021 – 2023 ]
Bachelors in Computer Software Engineering
Swift UI
React Native
Soft Skills
Problem Solving
Team Work
Critical thinking
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