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About Us

Tekkon Technologies Pty Ltd was founded in 2018 to provide an Extended  Development Team for startups, scale-ups and SME’s.

Based in Fremantle WA and Kathmandu Nepal, we help extend and enhance local development teams with our remote staff augmentation model.

Whats in a name?

Developer Staff Augmentation, Extended Development Team, Remote Agile Development – all of those things describe us. We offer skilled developers, that work in your team, on your tasks, with your tools! 

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We know we can help you with the right developers for your development team, but you don’t know that yet right?  Lets get on a call, or have a coffee to discuss your needs.  Right now? Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy.


Patrick Green

Co-founder & Sales Manager

Some call me the anti salesman, I cautiously assess each client and their needs, making sure we can meet their needs.

I have worked in many corporates, and have launched many startups of my own, as well as having been closely associated with the Australian startup community, so I have learned a strong sense of doing the right thing.

Our services in the right hands can accelerate your roadmap whilst lengthening your runway, significantly.


Sid Bhatta

Co-founder & CTO

Technology is constantly changing, new languages, libraries, platforms and trends need to be researched and understood.

My job is to know our clients technologies, what they want to achieve and how we can provide the right skilled developers. Developers aren’t created equal, and have all learnt a mix of skills that need to complement your team.

I can also assist with solution architecture decisions, technology roadmaps and development team leadership.


Tim Dean

Co-founder & Evangelist

I know value and a good deal when I see it. As an entrepreneur and a businessman, I open doors and make things happen.

Tekkon offers a very, very attractive staff model and service that I feel offers a tremendous deal that tech development teams could benefit from. Hire YOUR developers, working in YOUR team, YOUR way. Start today, what have you got to lose.

I’m telling everybody, everybody knows it, they’re all talking about it, now let’s work together to make your company great.

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