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Dashain in Nepal

Dashain is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Nepal. The first day of Dashain is known as Ghatasthapana, where people fill a vessel with sand and sow maize and barley seed. It is covered and worshiped for 10 days. On the seventh day, Phulpati is celebrated which is also known as ‘Saptami’. The eight day is regarded as Maha Aastami. On this day, animals like buffalos, ducks, goats, hens are sacrificed to Goddess Kali and the meat is taken as ‘Prasad’ (holy food). The night of this day is called the dark night – ‘Kal Ratri’. 

Maha Navami is the ninth day of Dashain. On this day, craftsman, mechanics, traders etc worship their equipment and tools by sacrificing different animals and offering it to equipment. The tenth day is named as Vijaya Dashami which is the most important day of this festival. On the tenth day, Nepali people exchange Tika (a mixture of yogurt, rice and vermilion), Jamara (planted on the first day of Dashain) and blessings with their family members and relatives.

This festival is in fact the ceremony of reunion and fun. People living far away from home or homeland revisit their home and get together with their families. Similarly, people buy new outfits for the occasion. People enjoy eating mouth-watering foods and playing a lot of games including cards, flying kites, building and playing bamboo swings, etc. The festival falls on the September-October depending on the lunar calendar. This season has the picture perfect weather in the whole year which is good for harvesting different crops all over the country.

Like every year, Tekkon team celebrated Dashain with delicious cuisines and melodious music at Rosemary restaurant, Thamel on 3rd of October. The party included drinks, dance, music and of course the exchange of well wishes to one another. It was a great opportunity for the new tekkonians to know one another and get along well. On the behalf of Tekkon Team, we would like to wish everyone of you a very Happy Dashain 2076. 

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