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Build Your Own Development Team Today!

Our developer staff augmentation gets you further, faster.

Our developers all work in Kathmandu – Nepal and are paid like rockstars, because they are!  But due to an excellent exchange rate of 80-1, we can hire those Nepalese rockstars for way less than Australian ones. You win, we win.

All our developers have been college trained and have real world work experience, they know what they are doing. They also know the latest technologies and language trends, they have to, it’s a competitive world. 

Our developers work on your instructions, in your sprints, on video and chat. We only hire top communicators with excellent written and verbal English. We also encourage our developers to be proactive, interactive, constructive and ask questions.

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What people are saying about us and our services

Tekkon managed to implement our product’s user interface in just two weeks, closely following the design principles of the frameworks used (React / Redux). They even taught our developers a few things!

Communication was great. Any issue was quickly dealt with through daily standup meetings held over video chat, and a Slack channel for questions in between. Tekkon actually finished the project within the two weeks leaving time to finish a few new tasks that we didn’t expect to complete.

I’m sold! We will definitely be utilising the Tekkon team in future projects.

Scott Glew

Co-Founder – Fastvue

Tekkon did exactly what they promised, then went several steps further to provide me with a comprehensive systems architecture proposal, definitely exceeding my expectations. 

Nick Saunders


Tekkon were a great help to Cribber by providing skilled developers to help us release a new React app. We’ll continue working with them at the completion of this project and would recommend them to anyone looking to supplement their development team.

Mike Watson


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